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    With POM POMS Fresh Pomegranate Arils, enjoy the sweet, tart taste of Wonderful pomegranates just by opening a package. Ready to serve, POM POMS Fresh Pomegranate Arils add color and flavor to all your favorite dishes. POM POMS Fresh Pomegranate Arils have vitamin C, fiber and they’re known for their unique antioxidants, polyphenols. 

    • Available from October through January.
    • Look for them in the refrigerated section of the produce department.

    Storage Tips

    Fresh pomegranate arils can last two weeks in a sealed plastic container in the refrigerator and frozen pomegranate arils can last for many months in the freezer. To freeze pomegranate arils, spread them in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. Place in a freezer for two hours or until frozen. Transfer frozen pomegranate arils to a resealable plastic bag or container.

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    Pomegranate Arils


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    wonderful in salads

    We add these to our salads. They are wonderful and so convenient. Unfortunately, they are very hard to find.
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    Fresh Arils

    I bought POM POMS Fresh Arils at Costco in late February and they were just fine. In fact, I kept them in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. I have no complaints except that there are none now.
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    I put them in my steel cut oats with a few dark chocolate morsels and what a tasty combination. I also put them in my smoothies, I love the tartness that they bring to things.
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    We have bought pomegranate arils many times and they were fine, but the last two purchases we have made have been fermented and have a "bitey" taste. We had to throw out 2 containers. The package was labeled to be good until Feb 24th, but it is now only the 16th. The product was of good quality, but the shipment or processing must have been too warm for the arils.
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    pom fruit 8oz

    BAD !!! Purchased this at Costco and when I opened the package it smelled and tasted like nail polish remover. I opened the second container and it was just as bad so I threw them out. What a waste. Have been drinking the juice for years and do love it though.