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    POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice. A little sweet, a little tart, and a whole lot of healthy.  Powered by pomegranate antioxidants, it’s authentic, delicious and 100% pure. There is no added sugar*, colorants or cheap filler juices. Over $35 million has been provided as part of POM’s commitment to scientific research on POM products worldwide, so raise a glass to life and to the pursuit of healthiness.

    • No added sugars*, preservatives or colorants
    • *Not a low calorie food, see nutrition information for sugar and calorie content
    • Good source of potassium
    • Gluten-free
    • Flash pasteurized to retain both flavor and nutrients
    • Certified kosher

    Storage Tips

    POM Wonderful Juice is a perishable product and should be refrigerated at all times to retain the integrity of the product, its taste and freshness.

    Available Sizes

  • Nutritional Information


    100% Pomegranate juice from concentrate


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    I enjoy mixing it with plain seltzer. Expensive as the 48 oz bottle at Shop Rite was $12.00. :(
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    Too much sugar!

    This has too much sugar and is not healthy! Stay away when it says "juice from concentrate."
    Sebastian Cepacs
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    Awesome booster

    I enjoy a pom juice daily in my fruit smoothie for breakfast. It's awesome with blueberries and strawberrys and a hit of cinnamon
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    great stuff

    love pom wonderful, I drink 8oz. every morning give's me a boost
    ric viv
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    Great Stuff

    First time trying this and my wife and I loved it... Deff picking up more of this stuff!!!
    Chris B