• A Match Made in Heaven

    When luscious blueberry mingles with tangy pomegranate the result is a delicious, colorful blend that makes a perfect pairing. Available in 16oz and 48oz bottles.

    • no added sugars*, preservatives or colorants
    • good source of potassium
    • gluten-free
    • flash pasteurized to retain both flavor and quality
    • certified kosher
    • *not a low calorie food, see nutrition information for sugar and calorie content

    Storage Tips

    POM Wonderful Juice is a perishable product and should be refrigerated at all times to retain the integrity of the product, its taste, freshness and its antioxidant benefits.

    Available Sizes

  • Nutritional Information


    85% Pomegranate and 15% blueberry juices from concentrate, natural flavors.


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    I LOVE POM Blueberry. I've tried all of the flavors & this has to be my absolute favorite. I'm not a wine drinker, so this is the perfect drink to pour into a glass & treat myself with. I love that not only is it healthy, but it tastes amazing & i swear that I can feel the benefits of it moments after it hits my tastebuds. I am hooked & never going to give up this pleasure!
    Justine Searle
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    My favorite juice

    The pom blueberry is my go to juice. It has incredible flavor, and the fact that it is 100% juice makes me feel like I'm being a little more healthy.
    Cindy Shaw
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    POM Blueberry

    Probably the best juice on the planet and my favorite! My whole house (all 8 of us) love it!
    Val Gates
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    The Pom-blueberry is my favorite, such a clean flavor. A great pick-me-up after working out or enjoying on a beautiful day. Definitely recommended!
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    POM Wonderful Slushie

    I have found a new use for my Margarita Maker: POM slushies...take 8z of ice cubes and blend with individual serving size POM (blueberry is my favorite) you can even throw in a frozen banana to thicken....it is absolutely the most refreshing and tastiest smoothie you will ever try, even my kids love it !!