• A Cheery, Cherry Combination

    Cherry, meet pomegranate. Both are ruby red and incredibly tempting. Both combine to make unadulterated health happiness. Available in 16oz bottles.

    • no added sugars*, preservatives or colorants
    • good source of potassium
    • gluten-free
    • flash pasteurized to retain both flavor and quality
    • certified kosher
    • *not a low calorie food, see nutrition information for sugar and calorie content

    Storage Tips

    POM Wonderful Juice is a perishable product and should be refrigerated at all times to retain the integrity of the product, its taste, freshness and its antioxidant benefits.

    Available Sizes

  • Nutritional Information


    51% Pomegranate and 49% cherry juices from concentrate.


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    How do I access the coupon?

    ScootieJ. Johnston
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    summer refresher

    We love all POM varieties..but POM cherry ( because of the sweeter taste) is the big favorite with kids.. mixed with some sparkling water it makes a perfectly healthy and refreshing thirst quencher!! They LOVE their POM Cherry soda!! Adults love any flavor with sparkling water with a thin slice of lemon...so refreshing!!
    Sharon Hopkins
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    POM Cherry

    I LOVED POM even before I found all the health benefits of pomegranate & cherry juice! I drink it because I love it and now I have to have it because it is good for me! Also mix it with my lemon lime Zevia, and add it to my protein shakes. Enjoy the POM bars, too. A bit pricey - but a nice treat. During the season, I eat all the fresh pomegranates I can, and seed extra to put in the freezer.
    Kathie V
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    This is my favorite of all the POM juice blends. It has the tartness of a sour cherry and the refreshing taste of pomegranate juice. The Whole experience is finished off with a slight cherry aftertaste! Antioxidant super couple!
    Maria Y.
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    I wish I'd written a review when I first started drinking POM Wonderful years ago. I loved it and sold many of my friends on the product. Maybe my taste buds are changing, but my "cherry" seemed less intense; weak, watered down. Maybe a less potent batch of berries? I hope it's my imagination, please don't change it, it's expensive and the best and I love it, and I'll continue to buy it. FYI
    Donna McRae