• A Perfectly Peachy Combo

    Our Pomegranate Peach Passion White Tea is truly crush-worthy. White tea brewed from delicate young white tea bud mingles with natural peach and passion fruit juice and pomegranate antioxidant power. It’s a gently brewed flavor with less than 5mg of caffeine per serving.

    • gluten-free
    • contains no wheat, milk, eggs, soy, fish or shellfish
    • has no contact with peanuts or tree nuts on the line
    • flavored tea with other natural flavors

    Storage Tips

    POM Tea is a perishable product and it should be refrigerated at all times to retain the integrity of the product, its taste and its antioxidant benefits.

  • Nutritional Information


    White tea (water, white tea extract), sugar, pomegranate fruit extract, pomegranate juice concentrate, natural flavors, peach juice concentrate, citric acid, passion fruit juice concentrate.


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    I love it" 200% Recommended

    I love it" 200% Recommended
    ms lupe landeros
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    bigger servings

    I love the teas but i wish they offered bigger servings like the regular POM juice. I want to be able to take it home and enjoy it with the family
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    I tried this tea when it was still in the tall glass jars with the metal lid, and you could re-use the glass afterwards. I have loved it ever since. It can be rather hard to find, as most stores that carry Pom juices don't carry the PPP White tea. I've found a couple that do, so when I find them, I buy all the ones I can find. I'm so glad I found the site
    Melissa Loussaert
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    Love the light refreshing taste of this tea! The pomegranate and peach flavor with the white tea is delicious. Please never stop making it!
    Susan Myers
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    Love the Tea, Hate the Bottle

    The Peach Passion White Tea is delicious, but the bottle is hard to get open. The cap is hard, thick plastic, while the bottle is thin and flexible, so it's difficult to get a good grip on the bottle while twisting the cap without squeezing it hard enough to spray tea everywhere. Either make the bottle stronger or the cap lighter!