• The Antioxidant Super Liquid*

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    POMx Liquid: Concentrated pomegranate antioxidants.

    The POM Antioxidant Superpower™ is also available in a single teaspoon. POMx Liquid is a highly concentrated blend of natural polyphenol antioxidants made from the very same pomegranates in POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice. Our method of harnessing pomegranate antioxidants is so extraordinary, it's patent-pending*.

    Every teaspoon of POMx Liquid provides the pomegranate antioxidant power of an 8oz glass of POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice*. So you can still get your daily pomegranate antioxidants from the convenience of an 8oz glass of juice, or now a teaspoon of POMx Liquid.

    POMx is 100% pure pomegranate extract

    • 6.5g of natural pomegranate polyphenol extract in every teaspoon

    • Natural. No artificial colors.

    • Vegan and Kosher.

    • Over 38 published scientific studies on POMx which span a number of health areas conducted by leading researchers including a Nobel Laureate.

    Storage Tips

    Store POMx Liquid in original sealed container under cool and dry conditions and refrigerate once product is opened.

  • Nutritional Information


    Ingredients: Pomegranate fruit extract


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