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Refresh Your Memory

Refresh Your Memory

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Learn about this preliminary research on pomegranate polyphenol antioxidants and memory and cognition.


If the word doesn’t ring a bell, it soon will. Researchers are beginning to examine the potential impact of pomegranate polyphenol antioxidants on various areas, including memory and cognition. So polyphenols are definitely something you’ll want to remember.

Polyphenols are an antioxidant known to help combat unstable molecules that can cause damage to your body over time— called free radicals.

A preliminary 2013 study at UCLA conducted on a small group of older adults with age-related memory complaints may link pomegranate polyphenol antioxidants to increased verbal memory performance and increased functional brain activity in fMRI testing. The study involved drinking just 8oz of pomegranate juice daily for four weeks.

These are early scientific findings on cognitive health and the impact of pomegranate juice on the human brain has not yet been adequately studied. Clinical research is needed to help establish causation and further studies on larger populations are needed to confirm the long-term effect of pomegranate juice on memory and cognition.

POM, the antioxidant superpower

To maximize the polyphenol antioxidant levels, POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice contains the juice from four whole-pressed pomegranates in every 16oz bottle. The whole-pressed process extracts the polyphenols in the rind, pith and arils.